The BBC’s new, purpose-built media Archive in Perivale, London is fitted with a series of two level high-density storage systems. Designed as 12-vaults it houses the Corporation’s precious stock of archive material, the media archive will hold a total of 3.7-million items.

The solution
Having undertaken the complete turnkey operation, including the installation of 3.9 metre-high mezzanine floors, more than 5 kilometres of rails for the high density mobile storage systems, together with 4500 sq.m of infill-flooring on the ground-floor, and a similar quantity of steel mesh decking on the mezzanine level, we were able to provide a system with more than 85,000 shelves. The building now provides 100-kilometres of linear shelf capacity. Consisting of shelving units mounted on mobile carriages that run on floor rails, it reduces the footprint of a storage system by having only one “floating” aisle instead of a series of fixed aisles.


  • 100-kilometres of linear shelf capacity
  • Optimised use of space
  • Two level high-density storage systems
  • Turnkey operation