Nowadays, hygienic storage is extra important. New pandemics have changed working methods in many industries and set different requirements for storage quality and safety. It is extra important that the storage is arranged as hygienically as possible. By choosing our antimicrobial powder coating for your storage system, you are opting for extra protection against bacteria.

Fighting micro-organisms

The advanced powder coating technology is designed to fight micro-organisms. The basis of our antimicrobial powder coating are silver ions. Silver is a natural antibacterial agent that has been used for centuries to kill bacteria. Silver ions are known to inhibit cell division of bacteria, minimizing transfer between cleaning cycles. In addition, they are very environmentally friendly and not harmful for humans.

The silver ions are added to the surface in the production phase. Due to the active concentration of the silver ions, they are evenly distributed and cover the entire surface of the product. This results in 99.9% inhibition of bacteria, fungi, algae and mould. *

Long-term performance

The antimicrobial effect of the powder coat does not decrease and will remain active throughout the lifecycle of the storage system. However, the coating does not replace cleaning procedures. With a dirty surface, the coating loses its antibacterial effect. So good cleaning routines remains a must.


With the choice of the antimicrobial powder coating, quality is guaranteed. The antimicrobial powder coating complies with JIS Z 2801: 2000 and ISO 22196: 2007. This ensures you of the very best hygienic storage.


Reflect your identity

The silver ions in the antimicrobial powder coating are invisible to the naked eye. Any desired RAL colour is possible to use, by mixing the silver ions with pigments. This allows you to choose the colour that suits your interior or corporate identity.

* Antibacterial coating only affects bacteria on the surface of the coated storage system and not micro-organisms in the air or on the material being stored.

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