Social Fairness

Bruynzeel donates ArteStore painting racks to Daelzicht


Bruynzeel’s showroom at our head office in Panningen, the Netherlands, has undergone a major refurbishment. The current ArteStore system that was in the showroom had become unsuitable, although the system was still in very good condition, it would have been a shame to discard it. Buynzeel decided to donate the system to Daelzicht, a Dutch health organisation that offers programs for kids, youngsters and adults with a mental disability. It was sent to their studio in Beek,  they make Art, ranging from 3d objects to paintings for a group of approximately 60 people.

aelzicht : a perfect organization for a CSR action from Bruynzeel

Daelzicht Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Daelzicht is an organisation based in Limburg (South-East of The Netherlands) that specialises in care  of people with a mental disability. The concept is to offer appropriate care, ranging from support in the home, daycare to complete housing solutions.

In total Daleszicht has three galleries,  in which art is created and sold to organisations and individuals. They can produce art on request and can even create simplified paintings of Dutch masters, using the full creativity of the people to contribute to add value to the society.

Because of the  close proximity of Daelzicht to Bruynzeel and the social fairness of their concept which matches Bruynzeel’s corporate social responsibility vision, Bruynzeel decided to donate the showroom ArteStore painting racks to them.

Storing Daelzicht art in an ArteStore system

The ArteStore painting racks were used in the former Bruynzeel showroom. There are made of ArteStore Penda, ArteStore Terra and ArteStore Rota mobile painting racks in full working condition. People from Daelzicht are very happy and extremely grateful to use this system, which will allow them to show more of their artworks in the central part of their building. 

This was very rewarding for us to see how grateful this organisation was able to make full use of our ex showroom ArteStore systems.

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