Education Storage

Inspiring and custom-designed education storage optimisation. That will transform your space, whilst providing a dynamic and pleasant environment.

Education Storage

Inspiring and custom-designed Education storage optimisation. That will transform your space, whilst providing a dynamic and pleasant environment.


A library is a dynamic environment that offers space to relax, meet colleagues and study. Bruynzeel Storage Systems offers a versatile range of library storage products for outfitting public and academic libraries as well as off-site storage facilities.

Library storage is an important element in library design. Bruynzeel’s library shelving is available in various sizes and a range of finishes. The system is modular, expandable and can you can choose from a wide range of accessories.


When it comes to efficient use of space, mobile storage solutions offer many advantages over fixed library shelving. Only one access aisle is required. The library mobile shelving can be moved individually or all at once, so that an access aisle will be available when required. Mobile storage systems are often used for the archiving of literature. In addition, an increasing number of mobile units have been installed in the public areas of libraries too, thanks to their enviable safety record and space-saving features.


Experience and knowledge

Bruynzeel has been an international specialist in innovative storage solutions for more than 60 years. We are always happy to share our insights and experience with prospective clients. To get the most out of your storage installation, Bruynzeel recommends involving us as early as possible in the project planning. Please contact us for an appointment without any obligation or check our portfolio of library case studies.


We believe in cooperation, and that’s why we work closely with interior designers, office innovators and also with our clients, such as Adecco, Bosch, Deloitte, E.on, Kellogg’s and Siemens. Spacefulness offers intelligent, space-saving solutions that always forms part of the bigger picture. We offer multifunctionality and flexibility – perfectly tailored to your needs and working style.
Our Research & Development department and our experienced customer service team ensure that we can design and customize our products so that we meet all your requirements.

By choosing Bruynzeel, you choose guaranteed quality and durability. The Bruynzeel manufacturing plant is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

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