Is this the future for museum storage? Museum aan de Stroom’s open store combines high density double decker archive storage with access areas for the general public.

Museum storage event
Bruynzeel Storage Systems has joined forces with the Collections Trust to debate innovative solutions and current best practice in the field of museum storage at a one day seminar.

The Museum Storage Event, which takes place at the Leeds Discovery Centre on 5 June, will see museum professionals from some of the UK’s leading institutions come together to address four key issues in the field of museum storage:

  • Rationalisation of collections
  • Maximising the use of available stores
  • Investigating the pros and cons of shared storage
  • Exploring innovative concepts such as multi-use sites and ‘green’ stores.

Speaking about the partnership, Collections Trust CEO Nick Poole said: “We are really excited to be working with Bruynzeel Storage Systems as the sponsor for the Museum Storage Event. Bruynzeel has an international reputation for providing trusted, innovative and affordable storage solutions for museums and heritage organisations and it is great for us to work with their team, benefit from their expertise and showcase their latest best practices.”

Richard Tong, Sales Manager for Bruynzeel Storage Systems, added: “Bruynzeel Storage Systems is very pleased to partner the Collections Trust’s initiative exploring current trends in museums storage. With our experience in multi-use sites, such as the new development at Kelvin Hall, and in shared storage facilities such as GMRC, we aim to bring an industry perspective to the discussion on 5 June. We look forward to an interesting and informed debate, offering a snapshot of best practice from a cross section of the museum community.”

Richard will be giving a presentation at the event about the challenges faced by shared storage facilities. His talk will explore the challenge of storing collections from 11 separate museums on one site for the largest local authority museums service in the UK, with particular reference to system solutions including Double Decker mobile shelving and electronic mobile storage.

Other speakers at the day-long conference include Heather Caven, Head of Collections Services at National Museums Scotland; Tony Spence and Alexandra Fullerlove from the British Museum, discussing the new World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre; and Marta Leskard, Conservation and Collections Care Manager at the Science Museum Group.