Panningen, The Netherlands and Vipperød, Denmark, — January 10th, 2013 — The Constructor Group and Qubiqa today announced that they have entered into an agreement under which the Bruynzeel Division of the Constructor Group – known as Constructor in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and Bruynzeel Storage Systems in many other countries – will merge with Qubiqa Storage Solutions – the Nord-Plan brand. The new organisation will be named Bruynzeel Storage Systems. “The merger with Qubiqa Storage Solutions underlines our commitment to manufacture storage solutions excelling in quality, innovation and efficiency that businesses want and people love,” says Igor La Vos, president of Bruynzeel Storage Systems. “

“Qubiqa Storage Solutions will add the award winning design line by Jacob Jensen to the portfolio of Bruynzeel.” “It has always been our vision to deliver safe, efficient and most of all intelligent storage solutions. Merging with the Bruynzeel Division will accelerate that vision and give us access to the production technologies, expertise and resources needed to scale and innovate,” says Morten E Andersen, Director Qubiqa Storage Solutions. With this merger Bruynzeel Storage Systems will strengthen its position as the most innovative player in the storage market. “The merger will have an immediate positive effect on our newly introduced office concept. This office concept won in October the innovation award Architecture and Office. The jury praised the innovative approach of equipping a well established storage system with new features such as wardrobes, lockers or a kitchenette and therefore allowing it a position in the office near the work spaces. The jury mentioned the design of details being suitable for optimisation. For instants the control panels should be embedded in the surface. This is exactly what Bruynzeel Storage Systems can offer its customers with the addition of the design line by Jacob Jensen,” says Igor La Vos. It is the ambition of Bruynzeel Storage Systems to move forward as an innovative organisation with modern production facilities geared to handling both small and large projects at a competitive level and delivering intelligent, stylish and customised storage solutions, based on quality, with a social and environmental responsibility. The future of Storage, now. The merger is subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approval.

About the Bruynzeel division of the Constructor Group
The Constructor Group AS is a leading manufacturer and provider of high quality storage solutions, which it markets world wide. Within the Constructor group the activities are split in a Bruynzeel Division and an Industrial division. Its Bruynzeel Division provides intelligent and space-saving storage solutions for offices, archives, libraries and museums depositories covering a wide variety of uses and applications and marketed under the Constructor and Bruynzeel Storage Systems brands. With these solutions, the Bruynzeel Division intends to surpass the expectations of its customers by excelling in quality, innovation and efficiency.

About Qubiqa Storage Solutions
Qubiqa is a merger of the companies: QLS, Jokan, Univeyor, Seelen and Nordplan. A new and “leaner” business model combined with strong and focused product-development skills makes Qubiqa stand out as a modern, forward thinking company. Qubiqa offers quality products, systems and solutions for the optimisation of Internal Logistics, Automation and Storage. Qubiqa Storage Solutions aims to be the professional partner when it comes to all aspects of archive, office, library and museum repository storage, offering intelligent and customised storage systems that combine the latest technology with a sophisticated design.

Note: Qubiqa continues as a brand without the storage solutions component. For Qubiqa the Danish logistics company, visit