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The overarching rubric of what is the very being for today’s museums. We naturally think museums of being tied to the past a kind of musty mausoleums. But we should think of the relevance of history itself going forward. How deep rootedness and understanding of the past and present moves us further towards a sense of future possibilities. We need to evaluate the critically important role of civic engagement. We should make sure that every individual sees themselves and reflects on the exhibits that may inspire them to make a difference in their communities. I envisage public museums of the future to transform into hubs of learning, interactivity and performance.

Museums could offer a space for immersion and storytelling for a dialogue to provide the tools to understand how we can all engage with the vital statistics that shape the world in which we live. Too much of a museum’s collection is stored away, never to see the light of day, what a waste, collections should be shared to provoke thought and debate, educate and inspire so much more.


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How will you dust off your artefacts and archives by opening up your collections to share with the local community?

Making collections available to everyone to enable them to relate and see themselves finding inspiration, wonder and delight.Museums hold so many important artefacts from country regions, migration and colonial pasts. We need to make wise decisions on what is exhibited and featured in museums and should reflect the type of museum, community and the diversity of the people. Therefore, you need to include the community in those decisions for conscious and varied choices, knowledge, interpretation and engagement. Museums must open all their collections in truth and without bias, for the same reasons you need to have a diverse jury in courts. Museums must use their collections where applicable to represent the migration of peoples of the world. This is an opportunity that is missing for communities, to learn about hidden histories, in ways they have never seen before or discovered for the first time. Now that is serving a community and what creates interest and little gems of engagement for everyone.

Everyone needs to learn from the wealth of worldwide, country and local influences, that so many of our museums contain which many of the communities are unaware of their existence. Museums of the future need to be more proactive in sharing their collections in creative and engaging ways, keeping it fresh and interesting by rotating the collections for new and returning visitors. Making sure visitors in the museums are engaged with your content, stirring an emotion and that captures the spirit.

Using technology is also key, we should adopt digital translation to create awareness, education, sharing and collaborating far and wide, and for all those who have an interest but are not able to attend in person, taking your museum near and far. Most importantly, users should be able to connect and engage with the topics or exhibits of the day.

Museums has the power of possibility to inspire people, which can create a real change in our societies and communities

Providing timeless insights, vision and experience of earlier times. And finally, what takeaways will visitors leave your museum with? How will they be able to take action of the exhibits they have seen? How will you invite engagement feedback and collaboration, perhaps a museum app?

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