The University of Sao Paulo opened its new specialist economics library – the largest of its kind in South America – on 2 July following a large-scale refurbishment. A key component of the new build is the private collection of former Brazilian finance minister Antonio Delfim Netto, who donated over 250,000 items, including editions of classic texts by Karl Marx and Adam Smith. As part of the arrangement, Netto has been allocated a small room in the building to enable him to continue to access his collection. 

Dulcineia Dilva Jacomini, chief technician for the library of the Faculty for Economics, Business and Accounting (FEAUSP), told GGN it must have been an emotional decision for the former minister to donate his private archive: “We have reproduced his room, brought furniture and personal belongings. The idea is that he comes here from time to time.” With over 430,000 items, the FEAUSP library needed to boost its overall storage capacity, as well as plan for future expansion – Netto alone donates 40 new volumes each week. Bruynzeel Storage Systems helped increase the library’s storage area to 3,500m2 with the installation of a range of Compactus XTR mobile shelving. By installing space-saving mobile shelving, the library has been able to allocate sufficient room for breakout and study areas for students, while providing Netto’s invaluable collection with a secure home.