At Orgatec 2012 we’d got the chance to present a new perspective for the shape and functions of offices. A WORLD FIRST, where we demonstrated a multifunctional and space-saving office unit. All kinds of office storage such as lockers, garment hanging rails, office supplies, archives, filing and book shelves where integrated into one central unit. By also adding additional functions such as a coffee machine and a presentation area we showed how it could become a central point in your office. We were delighted to receive a lot of praise and enthusiastic comments for this WORLD FIRST.

The Orgatec exhibition was outstanding from the first day onwards. We believe that the Bruynzeel Office Unit would become a place where people meet naturally, allowing for more communication and knowledge-based work as a consequence, while also promoting a sense of well-being within the office as a whole. The units can be finished in such a way that they complement any office interior, with finish options including glass, steel, wood and acoustic solutions. Also visual expressions can be chosen in the form of applied graphics, allowing plenty of scope for creativity and unique designs. With this concept the floor space is used to an optimum, while an office is created that is attractive and inspiring for both existing employees and future talent. Altogether this was a WORLD FIRST that you witnessed. On the second day of the Orgatec exhibition we were very proud to receive the Innovation Award Architeture + Office for this WORLD FIRST. This award shows that not only do we believe in this concept, but that also known architects and interior designers do too. Awarded on the basis of architectural criteria, the Innovation Prize recognises that the Bruynzeel Office storage Unit is seen to be excellent in terms of both design and technology.