The Regional Archives of Funen, situated in the city of Odense, are part of the Danish State Archives, which consist of a total of seven archival institutions scattered across the country. The Regional Archives collect and store valuable historical archive records and make them available to the public. The Archives accept archival material from state authorities, local authorities and individuals within the island of Funen and the surrounding archipelago. Records of special interest transferred from private individuals include an abundant number from the various landed estates in Funen. The Archives hold approximately 20km of records.

The solution
The Bruynzeel 2-Tier Double Decker mobile shelving comprises two levels of electronic mobile shelving in Jacob Jensen design with a thin steel grid floor between the two levels. A staircase to the steel grid floor provides access to the first floor level shelving. Existing static shelving was emptied in stages, dismantled and reused in the new double decker system, together with additional new shelving bays. The resulting storage solution has maximised storage capacity in the available space. The Bruynzeel Double Decker system has increased storage capacity in the archive by 400% over the equivalent floor space occupied by static bays.

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