Skåne University Hospital, Sweden

In 2019, Bruynzeel Storage Systems delivered a Compactus® Original XT to the surgery department at Skåne University Hospital, SUS in Malmö. The compact system, Compactus® Original XT, is for emergency surgeries during evenings and weekends.

The new storage system replaced an existing older storage system. However, a new room was chosen. In the last storage room, they had a system for both anesthesia and tools / accessories, which meant that they sometimes had to wait for each other to pick all the material needed for the surgery, and sometimes the staff is in a hurry. So in their new room, they chose to separate anesthesia and other products.

The purple/pink storage begins with a fixed section, where they always have quick access to blood products and sutures. In other shelves, instruments, screws, plates, pins and prostheses are stored. In the blue system, anesthesia has all its accessories. Both systems are equipped with a hand crank.

Special solutions

Some special solutions were also made. One which we call “a wine rack” where the customer can store longer products as desired. Their automatic door opener was put them on one of the front panels.

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