Everybody needs a place to store items and most of us are lacking space. Nevertheless we continue collecting things, up to a certain point where we cannot avoid wondering: where to put all that stuff? Regular clean-ups and practical storage systems help to gain more space. Manufacturers provide clever products to help you organise, for example storage solutions for archives, offices, libraries, museums and warehouses.

When selecting a suitable storage system, there can be special requirements that need to be taken into consideration. So what do you need to consider when you want to purchase future-proof cabinets, shelves and mobile systems? Quality has a sign Manufacturers of high quality shelving systems, that consider all safety aspects, can be recognised by a symbol: RAL-RG 614 Lager- und Betriebseinrichtungen. This RAL certificate stands for consumer protection and high quality products and services. The quality assurance system contains certain standards that are determined in close collaboration with neutral parties. Companies that are provided with RAL certificates, are monitored regularly by a neutral Institution, like for example the “Materialprüfungsamt Nordrhein-Westfalen” in Dortmund (Germany). Manufacturers are obliged to perform regular checks themselves and neutral examiners perform unexpected checks. Those measures protect the end-user against poor quality. RAL exceeds minimum requirements Products with a RAL certificate exceed the minimum requirements of several standards. Technical Regulations of RAL_RG614 ensure:

  • A secure environment for the users
  • A long product life
  • Reliable functions
  • Reliable advice
  • An outstanding quality

Further advantage: RAL certificates help to simplify the public tender process. The quality regulations are developed by independent institutions and include all relevant information that is required for create tenders. The content and scope are transparent, since they are available to the public. With this, RAL is in accordance with the public procurement law. Quality @ Bruynzeel Storage Systems Several times a year Bruynzeel Storage Systems invites an independent committee to check the products, in order to maintain a constant quality. The checks are performed within the factory and on site. This includes build-in products. Security @ Bruynzeel Storage Systems High quality products, carefully planned usage and regular checks determine the amount of time that the storage systems can be used. Yearly inspections can be necessary. In some countries this is required by law. Contact our Service Team to arrange regular checks and maintenance of your storage systems.