Your Free Site Consultation To Include:

  • Understanding your storage needs
  • Impressive installation portfolio ideas
  • Space optimisation plan, making the best use of your space
  • How to increase your storage capacity now and into the future
  • Expert advice best practice storage solutions
  • Tested solution ideas
  • Solutions for environmental conditions
  • Storage accessibility, security and safety
  • Manufactured in-house for  flexible designs

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We believe in cooperation, and that’s why we work closely with interior designers, office innovators and also with our clients, such as Adecco, Bosch, Deloitte, E.on, Kellogg’s and Siemens. Spacefulness offers intelligent, space-saving solutions that always forms part of the bigger picture. We offer multifunctionality and flexibility – perfectly tailored to your needs and working style.

Our Research & Development department and our experienced customer service team ensure that we can design and customize our products so that we meet all your requirements.

By choosing Bruynzeel, you choose guaranteed quality and durability. The Bruynzeel manufacturing plant is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

your space optimised, designed to integrate your files and archives, stored in the right custom environment for easy access.

Are you looking to renew your archive shelving and storage? Finding a good supplier to support your archive conservation or modern records storage plan is key to completing your project successfully and on budget.

Bruynzeel Storage Systems are experts in archive storage and have had a long history of supplying archive shelving, high Density Archive Storage, mobile storage & archival storage cabinets to a wide range of projects in the UK, from The National Archives and National Library of Wales to Dudley Archives and the International Anthony Burgess Foundation.

We offer a no-obligation advice service for organisations planning a new or refurbished archive, regardless of size.