The main priority of Hunland was to have certain aisles with secure filing. Therefore they were equipped with an archive storage solution that utilised controlled access through RFID tags, giving unique security authorisation to certain individuals.

Hunland Kft.
The goal of Hunland company group is to provide a high standard, complete service in the field of livestock and meat trade area. Livestock is delivered and purchased in various countries of the world. It has its own logistics; the truck-fleet consists mainly of livestock carriers and refrigerator trucks.

The solution
The Compactus® Dynamic Pro mobile cabinets provided controlled access and secure filing. Different aisles can now be restricted to specific personel or departments, while other aisles are free and accessible to all. RFID tags provide unique security authorisations, guaranteeing secure filing of the documents while providing the option to log all visits.


  • Certain aisles of the archive storage system have controlled access.
  • Unique security authorisations using RFID tags.
  • Guaranteed secure filing.
  • Option to log all visits.