An improvement or complete overhaul of storage facilities is one of the most significant projects an archivist or archive manager can face in their professional life – but also one of the most exciting and rewarding. Getting the right balance between cost, safety and preservation is no simple task. At Bruynzeel, we help you every step of the way to find the ideal archive storage solutions for your build.


Comprehensive advance planning is essential for any project, large or small. With a dedicated in-house design team, Bruynzeel Storage Systems can help you manage your project from the outset, ensuring that investment in your chosen system provides value for money and trouble free management. Our specialist team can advise on maximising usable space, and guarantee that your archive installation meets all the relevant regulatory frameworks, including BS 4971:2017.


Whatever storage solution you choose, there will be ongoing costs associated with the installation over time. Bruynzeel systems are easy to run and, when correctly maintained, will provide trouble-free service for many years. Bruynzeel can provide advice on maintenance costs and service contracts, as well as offer money-saving features such as sustainable LED lights for archives.


The installation of archive storage solutions requires input from a range of services, from architects and primary contractors through to specialist suppliers. Bruynzeel Storage Systems has a long track record of successful working with the UK’s leading contractors and specialist suppliers to solve specific issues – for example, strengthening floors to match loading requirements in existing buildings that are being retrofitted. In the UK, Bruynzeel has worked with all the major contractors including Carillion, Kier, Balfour Beatty, Willmott Dixon and Mace.


From static bays to double decker mobile shelving, Bruynzeel has a range of archive storage systems for storing a wide variety of archival items. Many clients will choose from a range of products, which can be tailored to the exact requirements of the repository space and the materials to be stored.



Top tips for preserving your archival materials

  1. Store documents in archival quality acid-free folders and boxes
  2. Single sheets can be stored in archival sleeves
  3. Ensure documents are clean and moisture-free before storage
  4. Always match the size of storage boxes to the size of the material or documents stored
  5. Do not overfill boxes
  6. Label boxes clearly with their contents
  7. If exhibiting historic, fragile or valuable documents from the archive, display for a limited time period only, mounted on acid-free boards and away from sunlight
  8. Check the contents of stored boxes regularly for signs of damp and contamination

Download our Archive Brochure for more information