This article is written by Roland van der Velden, Innovation Manager, Bruynzeel Storage Group.

Most parents teach their children to turn out the light in rooms when they leave it. On one hand to teach them not to waste energy but mainly to teach them not to waste any money! Another important reason to use energy wisely is the production of CO2. If we want to preserve our planet,  we need to reduce CO2 production as much as possible….and as soon as possible!

Energy consumption at home vs at work
Science is developing several solutions to create products that use less energy than before. Think of refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, TV’s and LED lighting. Smart and complex technology is needed to make smaller or bigger steps in decreasing energy usage. These new developments are all resulting in efficient energy usage while being turned on. But when devices are turned off, they use no energy at all! So what I’m I trying to tell with this blog? To explain this I will use lighting as an example.

16% of total global energy consumption is used for lighting.

It came as a shock to me also; but 16% is the correct figure. Now imagine that for example lights are only turned on if, and where needed. If I look at the situation at home where I expect my children to do this by themselves, I think I would have a big challenge to realize this. If we could automate this on a larger scale, for example in archives and storage rooms, we could realize big savings and a major contribution to the environment!

LED lighting in mobile storage solutions
It’s actually a lot simpler compared to the high-tech solutions that are being developed today. While LED lighting can save you up to 50%-60% of energy consumption, you can save between 75% to 98% with Bruynzeel LED aisle lighting! Do you have a space saving mobile storage system with standard lighting on the ceiling? If yes, you could simply upgrade your lighting to “Bruynzeel LED aisle lighting” and start saving money! Just by using our common sense we developed this system that controls the light in your archive or storage room. Only there where needed the light automatically switches on, and off where it’s not needed anymore. With this “simple” system you can save 75% to 98% of your current energy consumption. Think about what the impact will be on energy costs and the amount of CO2 production your company is responsible for.